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How Fantasy Pro Tour Works

What Is It?

Magic: the Gathering is a trading card game designed by Wizards of the Coast. Many times a year, Wizards hosts invite-only tournaments called Pro Tours, where the best players compete for the title of Pro Tour Champion.

Fantasy Pro Tour gives Pro Tour fans another way of enjoying the tournament by allowing you to draft your favorite Magic pros and follow their success throughout the event. Create a league, invite your friends, and experience the Pro Tour like you never have before!

League Structures

Fantasy Pro Tour supports multiple fantasy drafting league structures, though not every event supports every league type.

Every event has a public "Pick X Players" league, which allow you to take your time and pick your favorite X players, no matter what players anyone else in the league has chosen.

Most events can support traditional fantasy snake drafts, meaning you and your friends will set a draft time and take turns choosing players to form your teams, removing each player chosen from the pool of available players.


During the draft, the players that are still available to draft are in listed in the "Available Players" table. Currently, these are restricted to players that are (or have been) on a Pro Tour team in the Pro Tour Team Series.

The "xRank" column is the player's rank in the latest Fantasy Pro Tour Power Rankings. These rankings are determined by using a combination of ELO rating (explained below), Top 25 ranking, as well as a player's success in the formats played at this event.

The "ELO" column lists the player's ELO rating, which is a scoring system where every player starts with a rating of 1500. After each match, the winning player takes points from the losing player. The amount of points at stake is determined by the difference in the players' ratings.

You can sort each column by clicking on it. You can also add secondary sorting by choosing the main column you'd like sort by, then holding the SHIFT key and selecting the column you'd like to use as a secondary sort.

Click the to save a list of your favorite players to pick when it's your turn.

Click the to draft a player and add them to your team.

Setting Your Lineup

All players you draft are automatically in your starting lineup. Easy!


Once you've drafted your team, your players will earn 3 points for every match win, 1 point for every draw, and 0 points for every loss. Players that make the Top 8 of this event will receive 3 bonus points, plus 3 more points for every match they win in the Top 8. The team with the most points wins the league.